Fitting the Front Porch

A while back, I shared an update about our new porch. Lee was desperate for an oak porch (to sit on the wall we’d had built at the front) and it was made for us by the lovely people at Furhg  (who we would highly recommend). It arrived on a pallet, ready for Lee to spend a day assembling it! It’s custom built to the measurements we specified.

This is how the front of the house looked before he started:

The first step was to take the render off around the area that the porch was being fitted to (we’ll be re-rendering the whole house eventually) before starting to put it all together:

The next things we need to do are weather proof the oak and then fit a roof – it’ll be slate to match the roof on the house and we’re planning to get it on as soon as we can.

It’s made out of green oak, and of traditional construction with pegged mortise and tenon joints. It’s honestly a work of art and already looks amazing. I think we had more neighbours stop to talk to us about it when Lee was assembling it than we’ve had talk to us in all three years we’ve been here! We’ve also caught someone else taking a photo of it since!

Lee was really pleased with the quality of the construction. it fitted together perfect with no modification required to any of the pieces.

The difference it’s made to the house is amazing – we’ve still a long way to go, (lots of windows to move, all the render to re-do) but the front of the house is starting to look so much better already.