Fitting the floor

So if you’ve been reading regularly you’ll know that we’ve moved our stairs¬†from the back of the house into the new hallway. The space that the stairs used to take up will now give us lots more room in the soon to be ‘snug’ as well as giving us a little bit of space upstairs that we will be putting to use an creating an office from.

The old stair void shares a wall with Ewan’s new bedroom. Originally when we first moved in we slept in this room. It had delightfully dated fitted wardrobes and we soon realised that we could combine the space they took up with this stairs void to create a (very!) small office:

The wardrobe can (just!) be seen on the left of this image, and the space that you can see in the rest of the photo will be Ewan’s room.

The space that we were left with once the old stairs had been removed looked more like this:

(Lee took the wardrobe out so quickly that I barely managed to get any photos. This stud work that you can still see if the diving wall between the bedroom on the right, and the stairs void on the left.

The grey scar that you can see on the right of this stud work (behind the light switch) is where the new diving wall will go. The window on the left was also moved as part of some recent work.

Once the remaining stud work came out, Lee set about fitting the new floor joists:

The view from downstairs through the floor void. The old wardrobe was where the exposed bricks are upstairs.

The oak beam you can see on the images was installed with a large amount of building work a few months ago. We had to move some of the old joists around to make sure they were supported properly as this beam is in a different location to the original one. In fact – you can see how it sits on new block work – this was originally our door into the snug from the kitchen. The new opening is on the left of the picture above.

The next steps were to cut out holes in the external walls to rest the joists on…

You can see the state of the building site we’re currently living in!

…before cementing these joists in place:

And finally fitting the new floorboards:

So that is all the floor in the right place (we’ve not quite got all of the walls yet, but we’re so close!!). Ewan has been so excited about it all, and keeps dragging any visitors up to ‘see his new room’. It’s so lovely now he’s starting to understand all about the project.