Fitting our front door

Our house used to be a working farm and before it was split up into three smaller lots to sell it used to have a very large yard area directly behind. It meant that our back door (and access to the kitchen) opened up to both this yard and the immediate farmhouse garden and as a result effectively worked as the ‘front’ door for the house.

The ‘front’ of the house (the bit that faces the road) was essentially the back of the property which all just felt a bit weird to us as we wanted a more conventional feel to the house. We’d already changed a few things (the single story extension is now full height, and we’ve put a window in where the solid wall was) and there are lots of other things we still want to change (move the soil stack from the front of the house to the gable end and have the windows centered with each other and all uniform in size) but one of the big jobs for us was to add a door to the house:

The house as it was when we bought it.

Lee had always wanted a beautiful oak door so we spoke to a joiner we’ve used a few times to design our perfect door. We wanted it to feel classic: simple in design to really just show off the oak.

The first step was to remove the bay window. (This was the space we were fitting the door into because it was the most central place we could fit the door without messing up the internal layout too much).

We discovered that removing the window sill (which wasn’t fastened down!) exposed a massive hole directly to outside! (Glad no one ever tried to break in!)

We then needed to open up a hole the width of the door frame underneath the window as well as bricking up the extra room the window left either side of the door opening

We gave the brickwork a day or two to go off, before fitting the frame in place:

And then finally fitting the door:

There’s still a lot of work to do – we need to create a wooden and brick porch around the door (never mind the fact we need a path, to sort the drains out to make sure it doesn’t flood, to remove the wall outside, grass the front garden)¬†There’s something strangely symbolic about a door and we just think it’s beautiful.