En Suite First Fix

So whilst we were making major progress with the rest of the house, we were still plodding away in the en suite. The only thing that we’d needed plastering in here was the ceiling, so the rest of the room had stalled slightly once we’d had that done so that we could concentrate on getting the Living Room finished in time to enjoy Christmas in it.

At the back of our heads we knew that we wanted it finished before Harris arrived so by this point we had a three month time limit. I had been in labour for four days with Ewan and the midwives kept sending me home to ‘have a bath’, which we didn’t have at that point. I was adamant that wouldn’t be happening this time round. So whilst I was getting to the heavily pregnant/not able to do that much stage, Lee was pushing on with yet another project.

Ahead of the rest of the extension we’d run the cables for the lights and fitted the duct for the extractor fan:

We’d then fitted plasterboard to the ceiling before having it skimmed and painting it:

As well as spotlights in the ceiling, we had also planned uplighters in the floor behind the bath so we needed to run the wiring for this too.

We then starting making sure we had all the plumbing in the correct place. For our bath we had a freestanding one that we’d bought from a friend. The waste was underneath the bath and the tap was freestanding next to it. The bath was also going in at a diagonal angle (as the room wasn’t wide enough for a bath long enough for us otherwise.

In order to make sure it would all fit we went down the tried and tested route of making a cardboard cut out of the bath to make sure we got everything in the right place…

The plan for the sink was to sit a freestanding one on a shelf. The shelf was worktop off cuts that were offered to us by some other friends, but needed to be fastened to the wall using steel arms that Lee had fabricated.

The trap would be visible under the shelf, but the water feeds and waste would be buried in the wall. The tab would be sat on the worktop next to the sink. This would involve chasing out the block work before running all of the pipes…

The brackets that Lee had fabricated. The long lengths are fastened to the walls (behind tiles) and the sticky out bits (technical term there!) are what the shelf is fastened to (one bracket at each side of the shelf). We needed to make sure they were strong enough so that the boys couldn’t swing on the shelf and pull it out of the wall.

The toilet plumbing wasn’t too difficult. We’d already run the drains outside before we’d built the extension so the waste was just a case of coring through the wall and connecting it up to the drains:

The sink plumbing and waste on the left and the toilet water feed and waste on the right.

The towel radiator was to go on the wall between the bedroom and en suite and we’d got one that was electric (so could be turned on when the central heating wasn’t on) so needing both plumbing and wiring in:

Once everything (central heating, water feeds, waste and wiring) was tested we removed all of the pretty things (towel radiator, taps, sink, shelf etc!) and fitted the tile boards. The room was having floor to ceiling tiles (essentially a wet room) so we covered all the walls in these.

Next job fitting the floor and tiling…