Dividing up the Bedroom

So with batoning happening downstairs as we were getting ready to put plasterboard on the walls, and insulation being fitted to the roof upstairs we were starting to really push to be in a position to be able to start decorating. We’d been naïve thinking that as soon as the building work was done we’d not have to wait too long to decorate, but by this point we were 12 months on, and still nowhere near the end point!

The next job on our to-do list was to finalise the layout for our master bedroom. We had a floor space of around 5m X 5m to play with, but we wanted the bedroom to contain an en-suite, and we’d made sure the building work included a frosted window at the back of the room, as well as making sure we’d move the external drains to allow for this before we started the build.

The plan was for the ensuite to run the entire length of the back of the door – leaving us with a big bedroom still, and a rectangular room around 1.5m wide (and the full 5m length).  We’d spent ages playing around with configurations for baths/showers/sinks/toilets to decide where the correct place to put the door would be (we didn’t want it causing any pinch points in the room or preventing us from being able to put radiators, our bed or any other furniture in an ideal location.

The door for the future bathroom

The more we played around with the layout, the more we realised that it just wasn’t working; we had too much dead space in the bathroom. We decided instead that we should shorten the bathroom and use the remaining space to fit a small walk-in wardrobe (every girls dream, right?). A much better use of space, but suddenly it meant we suddenly had two doors to factor in when playing the layout of the room (one into the bathroom and one into the wardrobe).

Because of this we decided that the bed should also go on this wall, in between both of the doors (with bedside tables on either side of the bed) which meant there would be room on either side of the bed to get to each door without squeezing passed furniture, and the room should feel balanced.

And the door for the future wardrobe

We wanted to make sure we had ample plug sockets here for things such as lights, phone chargers etc but as well as this we wanted to have light switches on either side of the beds to control the bedside lights and the main lights (the way you would have in a hotel) so that was another weekend gone just drilling holes, routing cables and wiring up sockets and light switches.


The lighting and sockets temporarily fastened to the batons on the new stud wall.

Whilst we were working on this Lee’s uncle (being the absolute superstar that he is) came over to help us fit the door frames into the stud wall (and doors into the door frames).

Suddenly the upstairs was also almost ready for plasterboard too (and then the fun bit starts!)