Decorating the Master Bedroom

Finally onto decorating the bedroom! As a reminder, this is what we were starting with:

And as we did with the living room we painted all the freshly plastered walls with magnolia emulsion we already had spare. We then painted all of the ceiling with pure brilliant white before hitting the usual dilemma over which colour to use for the walls…

We’d picked the wallpaper years ago. Well, I say ‘we’, Lee hated it, but I was pregnant with Ewan at the time and I cried (in a genuinely upset pregnant woman way not a manipulative way – honestly!) so he agreed I could have it.  It was a very girly butterfly and dragon fly pattern, with beautiful copper detail on it, and some blush and grey shades.

I was desperate for a millennial blush bedroom (I’m a trend whore) but Lee had ruled out pink (and since he’d caved for me on the wardrobe I reluctantly agreed) so we knew it would end up some shade of pale grey. I was expecting the search for the correct grey to be tricky as the window in this room is north facing (so I was expecting the cool light to turn everything blue) but actually the two south facing velux’s countered that and the colours were truer to the paint card colour than I expected.

We ended up narrowing down lots of samples to six colours we really liked:

Out of the six colours on the picture above, the second was too pale (too similar to the white we’d just done the living room with) and the fourth was too green (but an absolutely beautiful shade that I’d love to use somewhere else!) we ended up deciding it was either going to be the third option (Valspar White Cliffs) or the fifth option (Valspar Rocky Mountain Mist).

I felt that white cliffs would be a little bit too close to the blush colour for Lee’s liking and decided to leave the decision to him expecting him to go with the darker shade. To my absolute delight he went for the lighter colour – which we both adore. It looks beautiful against the wallpaper too.

Valspar white cliffs

My little helper being super useful:

The next job was to fit the floor. We decided that instead of floorboards from chipboard, we’d get solid wood and then we wouldn’t have to fit a laminate floor or carpet above these.

Initially we started nailing the boards down – but soon hit a problem as we realised that the nailing was knocking out the plasterboard screws in the ceiling below (the new living room – just as well we checked!). So we swapped to screws instead:

The plan was to use an almost grey-wash effect stain on the boards. Luckily we tried it in the wardrobe first because as soon as we put it down on the floor we realised we hated it:

It was just way too blue. It’s still down in the wardrobe and we’ll need to fix it at some point, but luckily we didn’t start in the main bedroom area. Instead we just used a clear seal instead.

Actually I love the colour as it is. It’s beautiful against the soft pink and grey scheme and makes the windowsill really stand out.

I’ll share the whole room reveal really soon but in the mean time – what do you think of our colour and wallpaper choices?