Creating a Hallway

All the work we’re doing re configuring the middle third of our house means we’re taking the one large downstairs room and splitting it up; moving the stairs from the back of the room to the front, incorporating them into a new hallway which will have doors into the three downstairs rooms, and installing a front door.

This post is about to show off the world’s thickest stud wall and so that anyone reading this doesn’t think we’re insane to waste all that space I feel that I need to explain that to make this hallway we needed a partition between the back two thirds of the room (which will become the snug) and the front (our new hallway). We also have three beams holding the ceiling up. It made sense to use a steel beam for one of these beams (the other two are oak and will be out on display) as it is cheaper and smaller than an oak equivalent, and we could just hide it in the wall this way (hence the massive wall!).

We’d spent the majority of the two weeks prior to this living at my mums as all of the building work¬†had made such a mess it had essentially driven us out of the house. In our typical fashion, we moved home about three days before we were due to celebrate Harris’s first birthday (which we were arranging a big naming day for – we like life busy!) and so our plans were just to take things easy for the next week or so and not start anything else.

For Harris’s actual birthday we went out for tea with family to our local pub with soft play. The kids had an amazing time, tired themselves out and were both fast asleep by 8pm.

So we looked at each other, did what we do best, got some tools out and started making a wall! (I’ll also appologise for these photos too – obviously they’re not taken with natural light, but due to it being a building site, the little light we do have is all over the place!).

The first step was making a timber frame on the floor, ceiling and either side of where the wall would go:

Of course by the time we did this both the kids had woken up so we admitted defeat. But over the rest of the week we carried on:

So the space you see to the right of the wall is our new hallway. (The front door is just off camera to the right, the new kitchen opening is directly behind me and the living room is through the door in the picture). The stairs will be going in between the red beams in the ceiling to the right of the wall (the acrow props are holding up the board we put on top of the new opening so the boys can’t fall down through the gap). The room to the left of the wall is the new snug.

The next steps are to fit the stairs so that we don’t have to keep using the old ones (which currently have a new oak beam going through them which we have to pass the boys over!)