Bricking up the gaping hole

As is becoming common occurrence in our lives, we’ve spent about three weeks living with a plywood board covering up a rather large hole in the side of our house as we waited to find a minute to brick up the gap left by removing the window.

We finally made some major progress and got the window bricked back up again.

The first step was to brick up a few layers:

The lintel is still in place at this point (it’s the metal thing above the hole) and this stops the bricks above the hole collapsing under the weight of the roof. We wanted to get as much of the hole bricked up as possible with the lintel still in place but still leaving room to work and remove it.

To keep a bit of support whilst removing the lintel, Lee used some timbers and braced this to distribute the weight of the roof a bit better. (We lived with this for a couple of weeks – the kids could fit under it quite easily but we needed to remember it was there as we came very close to walking into it when dark on more than one occasion!)

Once the lintel was out, Lee and his dad bricked up the last few courses of brick:

(With the mortar still drying)

So the front of the house currently looks like this:

The new window will be going in directly to the right of where we’ve bricked up (which is why the bricks aren’t ‘keyed’ in on that side the same as they are on the other side – but a job for another day!