And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

So I’ve mentioned a couple of times that we wanted to change the extension that’s currently on the house. The old conservatory needed tearing down to be replaced with a bigger, more modern version, and the existing extension needed to be taken up to full height. Or that was the original plan anyway.

demolition collage

A reminder of what inside used to look like, and what we found under that wooden paneling.

Once we looked at the extension foundations we realised that just building on top of the existing structure wasn’t going to be possible. The current foundations just weren’t substantial enough to support the weight (Lee says I should use the term ‘loading’ here!) of the new structure (they were just bricks), so we were left with the option of knocking it down and starting again.

So we did.

house demolition

Luckily we have some amazing friends and family around us, so we asked whether anyone was available and would help and luckily for us they did! (Apparently men find sledge hammers and diggers irresistible!) We had a couple of friends who are also pregnant, so we were a ridiculous sight bumps out in the middle of the mud.

After the initial weekend of all hands on deck (in the pouring rain no less – we honestly have some amazing friends) we spent a couple of weeks leveling the plot and clearing up all of the rubbish we had left.

Where the old extension used to be.

To be honest, once we saw the state of the insulation and wiring inside the original extension we were pretty glad we’d pulled it all down.



After A LOT of grafting from Lee (especially as at 7 months pregnant I wasn’t able to do that much other than operate diggers) we had the building down and rubble moved.

So here’s the before and after…

Although it felt amazing to be FINALLY getting started, there’s definitely something disheartening about pulling down a building you know you’ll have to build back up again.