A White Christmas

Amazingly, just like that, we’re already celebrating our third Christmas in this house. I adore Christmas, but the last few years it’s been hard to get excited as I feel like the decorations going up have just reinforced the mess the rest of the house has been in. I’m the type of person who will have multiple trees (ten years ago we rented a house that had the space for three trees so I went a little overboard!) but things have been reigned in a bit to try and contain the decorations to the ‘nicer’ rooms.

This year however we’ve been living with a finished space for a few months so I was excited to change things up a little bit and get the decorations out. For the last few years we’ve had a copper and frost theme going on (resusing a lot of pieces from our copper winter wedding) but this year I decided to skip the copper (I know!!!) and go with a slightly different theme…

Our living room has more brass in it than copper and I’m really hoping that our snug might be finished (wishful thinking) in another year so I thought it would be nice to celebrate that room and bring the copper decorations back in there – this way I’ll get chance to miss them.

All the trees I adored this year were layers of white on white – natural, beautiful and elegant and so because we’d made the decision to paint the room pure brilliant, it seemed a good time to go for a white themed Christmas tree too.

We’ve reused sticks that were the center pieces from our wedding, and I love the way they broaden the tree (we’re still using a skinny one from when we had a much smaller house – we need a new one for next year really)

I adore our garland but wish we had a nicer fireplace to show it off with. Eventually there will be a log burner in this space, but we’re just not there yet. So for the time being the short shelf will have to do.

The wooden disks with names of the Lake District lakes are also memorabilia from our wedding – they were from our table plan.

We also have some smaller wooden decorations which we gave to people as favours. It’s nice to get our own boxes of these out each year.

We have a few lovely things that have been handmade for us too. Including these beautiful gnomes that get dotted around the room:

The tray in the middle of the coffee table has had a couple of decorations to Christmassy it up – it would have been rude not to – including this beautiful mushroom (I have a thing for mushrooms!).

What do you think? What colour scheme have you gone for this year?