A Vent in the Floor

A few posts ago I spoke about the fire that we’re installing (and shared Lee’s beautiful – to scale – cardboard mock up of it!) but because of the size of the stove we need to provide a direct air intake to the underside of the fire.

In order to do this we needed to dig up the floor. This fire is double fronted, and will be installed between the living room and the snug. Given that the living room is finished and the snug floor was already a mess, the logical place was of course the snug!

Prior to starting the work our snug was a mixture of carpet with a concrete floor covered in black felting and wooden flooring in the window alcove at the far end of the room.

The above photo is before we moved the door between the snug and kitchen, removed the chimney breast, moved all of the beams and moved the stairs.

With all the floor (including the wooden floor at the end) up it looked like this:

A fairly big gap in the levels between those two rooms means we’ll need to recast the floor out of concrete in front of the window, but as we were having to dig parts of the existing slab out for the vent it wasn’t a big issue.

Initially Lee broke the slab out to create a channel for the vent to sit in:

Followed by creating a hole in the external wall and connecting this up:

He then created some shutting directly under where the fire will sit. The pipe leads straight into this shuttering and it’s there so that concrete doesn’t fill this section up as we need to leave it empty so we can create a sump directly under the fire.

He then added some sheeting under the pipe to act as a damp proof course:

The concrete will be poured on top of this and then leveled to the rest of the floor.

Here’s a full room shot including the model fire(!):

We’re hoping to have the concrete poured within the week as then we’ll be able to start installing the fire.