A Quick Garden Update…

A while back we did some work to try and recover our garden. All the work to build the extension had destroyed the back garden as we’d been digging out the footings during a very wet summer which inevitably resulted in the grass being churned up. In addition to that we pulled a large, impractical patio area up and then laid turf in its place. All of which left us with a bit of a patchwork garden.

We haven’t spent much time on the garden as there were areas in the house we preferred to focus on, but it was important for us that we got a couple of things sorted as quickly as possible:

  1. We wanted to plant some trees to give them as much time as possible to mature (before the boys are big enough to start kicking balls at them!).
  2. We wanted the lawn established and even so that we could minimize the mud traipsed into the house by the animals (and kids!) and so that we could maximize the space they boys could play in.
  3. And finally we wanted to make the garden safe and secure.

We made some good headway over points one and two this summer:

The trees that we planted are growing amazingly well:

And we even had three (it’s a start!) apples on the tree.

(A quick reminder of how the garden looked the previous year):

The third point is still being worked on and it’s becoming more urgent as Ewan loves playing outside so we need to make sure the garden is secure, the boards covering bits of mud where original paths had been pulled up are removed (we keep finding nails in them so they’re just not safe), and we have broken fence panels and brambles everywhere outside the extension so I’ll share the work we’re in the process of doing in another post.

We’re also in the process of planning what we want to do with our garden long term, as we’d really like to get more done next summer so we can start using it up. We don’t want to make rash decisions with major things like patios though, so we’ve got various versions up in the kitchen for us to mull over and try and finalise. We also need it to work for us as adults entertaining, but the kids having space to play is a big priority. We’re excited about the options we have though so I’m looking forward to seeing more of this space coming together.

What do you think? What would you do with the space?