A New Kitchen Door

As part of the ongoing work to the house, we are planning to create a hallway in the middle of the house, at the front. Currently our house was all mixed up – the stairs were at the back, coming off the living room, the access to the living room and the kitchen were all via the middle room (the snug) and it was a bit of a mess.

We wanted to create a hallway at the front of the house, and move the staircase into this. We’d already moved the living room door so that it was in the correct place, and we’d fitted a front door so the last one to move was the kitchen door. We new this needed doing quite soon, but the plans were accelerated when we realised the existing door was exactly where we needed to put a beam, therefore it was preventing us from getting on with more work.

Our wonderful builders suggested creating the new door and bricking up the old one as part of the weeks worth of work they were doing for us.

Lee and I marked out where we’d like the new door to go, and then we set about temporarily removing the ‘second kitchen’ (friends lent us their old kitchen as we moved in as the kitchenette that was already installed didn’t give us enough cupboard space) we’d fitted against this wall (it will be going back in again to put us on for the next few years!).

This was all a mad rush the night before the work started so the photos are quite grainy because they were all taken when there wasn’t much light.

They then knocked the top of the new doorway out and fitted a lintel on each side to support the gap they were making before breaking out all of the block work that was in the wall.

Finally, they knocked out around the old doorway, and bricked it up, keying it in every few rows so make sure it was fasten in properly to the existing wall.