A Few Tweaks to the Nursery

We first decorated the nursery about nine months ago. I adored it then and I still do now. I’ve mentioned a couple of times how it’s the only clean, finished room in the house and it’s really nice to just sit and enjoy the room!

However as Ewan is growing up it’s not just a pretty room to store his clothes. We need it to be a bit more functional than this and so the time has come to make a few changes to the room…

Firstly, we’ve swapped the cot and the tipi. This is because the cot used to be against the radiator. It wasn’t the biggest issue at the time and we always planned to add a radiator cover, however it made more sense for us to just switch these around instead before Ewan started to sleep in it:

We’ve also added a finger print family tree that we made for Ewan at his naming ceremony. It’s a lovely keepsake signed by friends and family so definitely deserves a place on the wall:

When we finished the room it was various shades of off white and grey however Ewan’s toy and book collection is growing by the day (he’s a very lucky boy and has been spoiled rotten by our wonderful friends and family) and so reluctantly I’m putting neutrals to the side and embracing colour:

His room now looks something like this:

It’s actually been a refreshing change. It’s given the room some functional spaces – the bottom end of the room is for story time and playing with his toys and then we have the other half of the room for sleeping.

Hopefully Ewan’s now getting to the age where we can take advantage and use our favourite room a bit more.