A Change in Direction…

Just over a month ago I wrote this post sharing our plans for 2019. Almost three months in, and we’re already way behind where we wanted to be. The problem is quite simple: we just can’t seem to find the time.

We had a bad start to the year, Lee’s Dad had a very nasty accident which put him out of action for the majority of the last eight weeks. He was the person who helped with most of the work, so it massively slowed both Lee’s motivation to do jobs, as well as the amount of time it took to actually do them.

We realised that although Lee physically do all of the work – if we were relying on finding time between working a 40-hour week, being a very hands on father and having a (tiny!) amount of a social life – then something had to give. Just because Lee could do the work doesn’t mean he has to do it.

Obviously there’s a massive cost saving if Lee does the work, but life is all about finding balance, so we decided to get some builders around to quote. We essentially gave them a big list of jobs that we needed doing, and asked them to price them individually and give us a realistic idea of timescales.

One builder was brilliant – he spotted a couple of issues that we hadn’t even spotted ourselves, and amazingly he had a week free in March. He works in a team of three, so having them here for a week will get the amount of jobs done that it would have taken us six months to do ourselves. It’ll cost us – but honestly it’s a bit of a no brainer. The amount of disruption they’ll cause will make us ramp up the pace just to fix the work they’ve started!

They’ll going to be doing a fair amount of structural work – fitting a lot of beams that it would have been very difficult for Lee to fit as we’d have had to rope in some friends and family to physically help fit them.

All in all – we’re feeling relieved to have made the decision. It’s taken some major pressure off long term (short term we’ve had to jump as we’ve had a week to get ready!), and I’m so excited about how quickly we’ll see progress.

It’s not without problems: there will be no clear passage way between the living room and the kitchen, between upstairs and downstairs, and between Ewans room and our bedroom, but we’ll just have to deal with that a step at a time.

I think the lesson learned (and it’s taken us three years, one extension and two children to see this!) is that it’s ok to ask for help.