Building a New Fence

I started this post AGES ago and it was one of these ones I didn’t publish because I was waiting to ‘finish’ the project. As is typical for us – we have made it all worse before it gets better, and so I’ve decided to just bite the bullet and publish the post. I’ll finally be able to take the ‘finished’ photos in about three years time! 

Our house was one of three plots up for sale all originally part of the same working farm. We bought the farm house and the immediate garden, but then all of the ‘farm’ buildings were put up for sale as two seperate lots: one with all of the newer farm building (corrugated barn-style outbuildings) and one with the older buildings (a collection of fairly sturdy but ugly building fairly riddled with aspestos with planning permission to flatten the plot and build a detached house on it).

(We were super lucky as we bought our plot before the old two had sold – so we had no way of really knowing what we’d end up with on either side, but have got some lovely neighbours.)

One of the conditions of us buying the property was that we’d need to fence off the remaining gap between one of the plots. The existing fence reached one of our garages but as the eventual plan of ours is to pull this down then we needed to put a proper boundary in place.

There was a retaining wall in between these plots that first needed to be pulled down as  it ran right through the center of the boundary. We tried a few things (the usual – sledge hammer, kango drill etc) but it literally wasn’t shifting. Luckily one of the farmers near us sent a loading shovel (a big tractor) round to pull it down for us. (We’ve since discovered it was built as a retaining wall to drive the tractor buckets up against so no wonder we were struggling!).

The wall that needed removing – with our plot and garage on the left of the fence.

The wall from the opposite side.

After lots of attempts to pull it down but before the reinforcements arrived!

The next step was marking out the fence so it finished neatly against the wall for the new garage at one end, but joined the existing fence at the other.

And then finally fastening all of the remaining panels in place…

…which are the finished photos I don’t have because we never finished all of the panels (we did most of them!). They actually arrived last week (around 18 months later) but we’ve removed even more since as we needed them to help us level a different section of the garden.

A couple of hours of work though and this section of the fence should be complete, so for the time being I’ll leave you with these half finished pictures…