2020 Plans

I’m well aware that mid February is way too late to do a ‘new year’ post but, as is always the way, as soon as we start making major progress for the house, I stop blogging. I wish I could keep it up, but with the kids, jobs and DIY unfortunately something always has to give.

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with the blogging a little bit more frequently but right now, we’re putting all our efforts into house jobs. At the begging of the year we came up with our to do list, so in 2020 we’re hoping to cover of the following:

The ‘Middle Third’ of the house ready to decorate.

This is a huge piece of work that (if you read this blog) you’ll know all about as it’s what we’ve spent the majority of the last two years working on. Essentially we’ve reconfigured the layout of the whole house involving a lot of structural work, and we’re nearing the end of this having had to rewire and plumb the house in the process. We’re hoping that we’ll be at the point where all of this work will be ready to plaster by the spring (we’re aiming for the end of Feb but realistically it’s more likely to be the end of March). This will mean we are no longer living in the building site (hurrah!) and we’re not picking up any more jobs inside the house for a good 18 months when this is done.

Decorate Ewan’s new bedroom

This is the first room on the list once we finally get to this point. The boys have been sharing the nursery for the last few years and we’re looking forward to getting to the point where Ewan finally gets the new bedroom we’ve been promising him for a year.

Decorate My Office

I’m hoping that with a little bolt hole it’ll be a bit easy to both work from home and to get some time blogging so this is fairly high up on the priority, especially as it’s such a little room it’ll not require too much effort.

Finish the workshop

The workshop extension was started around 3 years ago, but we’ve paused work on it since. We want to get it all finished finally so that Lee and the boys can spend some of their free time outside. Obviously we’ll be trying to time the majority of this work for summer months.

Flatten the old garage

Once the new workshop is built the plan is to remove the existing garage and open up our driveway properly. This should give us so much more room, as well as making this are just look so much nicer.

Get a new gate and move the posts

We are planning to tweak the gateposts and finally get a new gate. The catch hasn’t worked for two years, and the kids are at the age where we want them playing in the garden so want to make sure that this is secure for them.

Decorate the snug

Hopefully alongside the outdoor work, and definitely in time for autumn(!), we want to get the snug decorated. We intend to use this next Christmas so want it ready to go by then at the absolute latest!

Decorate the hallway and landing

A lot of this work will happen alongside all of the other projects (the floor will go in quite early on, as will the banister) but this room also needs decorating properly.

So there are a fair amount of projects to go, but if we manage to get through them all, the house will feel like it’s been completely transformed. Wish us luck!