2018 review

This is my final blog post of the year. I’m one of those people who gets sad on Christmas Eve because it’s almost all over (Christmas starts early for me!) which I know is ridiculous but this year is a double whammy because I return to work in January. I am so looking forward to going back to work but as always, there is a little (maybe big) bit of me that is sad to be leaving my boys.

This has been a funny year. Having two young children has been difficult. Although it looks like we’ve done lots to the house (I got behind with some posts!!) we haven’t done as much as usual which has annoyed us. It’s been important to us though to concentrate on family time, and we’ve needed a bit of breathing space from the relentless DIY.

Living Room

This year we’ve:

  • Enjoyed living in some finished rooms finally which include the kitchen and the bedroom. When we knocked through late last year it felt like we had so much to do still, but decorating happened very quickly and we finally finished our living room and bedroom.

  • Early in the year we got to work again and finished our walk in wardrobe which has been an absolute godsend.

  • We got on with our master bedroom ensuite as our deadline was to have it finished by the time Harris arrived. It was completed the day after my due date and three days before I went into labour. I’ll be blogging the reveal soon, but I’ve shared photos of up to tiling here.

  • The glorious summer hit and we spent a good week playing with a digger making the back garden safe for the boys to play in, finishing off some work on the drains and finishing the back fence.

  • We pulled out one of the mismatched windows and fitted out new front door.

  • Before starting work on the front garden and finally finishing the path.

  • And then to wrap the year off, we spent a couple of dark, soggy evenings finishing off the front fence (again, one I’ll share in the new year).

As well as this, the blog also got a fancy update and a new theme: so a fairly good year for the blog, but despite what the list suggests not the best year for actually getting work done.

We’ve only finished around a third of the house and we don’t want the boys living in a building site forever though so our plan is to pick up the pace in the new year and really try and push on with some more jobs.

I’ll do a proper post soon to detail the breakdown, but our 2019 plans are essentially to finish the ‘middle third’ of the house. This is the section of the house behind our front door and work on it will include:

  • Moving more windows at the front
  • Finishing our porch
  • Moving the stairs from the back of the house to the front
  • Moving the doors to the kitchen
  • Creating the ‘snug’
  • Taking the chimney breast down
  • Making a new chimney breast
  • Extending the landing
  • Creating two bedrooms and an office
  • Rewiring the house (we’ve done the extension but we need to move the rest of the house onto the new board).

Living Room

There’s a lot to do and I don’t expect us to have the work finished and decorated, but I’ll really hopeful we’ll have all of the major work done and be at a point where the rooms are in the correct configuration and are ready for plaster. Essentially it’ll leave us with just the kitchen and bathroom to do (not small jobs because we have big plans) as the core parts of the house (we have plenty of plans for outside too and eventually a conservatory!) but we’re hoping that 2019 can be the year we finally get the layout of this house working for us.

On my first maternity leave I started this blog. Blogging has kept me sane in my little bubble of nappy changes, nursery songs and snotty noses, and it’s been a real keep in touch point with the fact that life away from being a mum is still there. It’s a way to remind myself that I can do something other than grow children. But when I went back to work last time blogging just dropped off. I was pregnant again (and tired) and so squeezing it in got tricky. I am optimistic that this time I’ll be able to (for the most part) stick to two posts a week. And so that (in addition to all of the house jobs and making sure we spend quality time with our two beautiful boys) is my new years resolution. Wish me luck!

Happy Christmas,

Amy, Lee, Ewan and Harris