2016 Review

It can be daunting each day looking around us and realising what we actually need to do to the house still. I think it’s important for us to celebrate succcesses, because often all this work can feel very unrewarding (I know how riddiculous this sounds, because after all we’re making our dream house and we’ll get the benefit of living in it, but looking at dirty floors and wires hanging everywhere can be a bit miserable sometimes).

Once of the major benefits of starting this blog is that we’ve started to look back more – realise what we’ve already achieved – and this seems to keep us motivated.

Winter 2016:

  • We found the house we wanted to buy (finally!) after looking for around twelve months, and viewing lots!
  • We got our old house on the market and sold it.
  • We spoke to an architect and had plans drawn up for an extension to both the house we wanted to buy and it’s adjoining garage/workshop
  • We split the garage and house plans and resubmitted them after having issues with the planning department

  • We had the plans passed for the house
  • We packed up the old house

Spring 2016

  • We moved into our new house
  • We fitted a dishwasher, oven and hob into the kitchen

  • We had an ecology survey done for the garage extension
  • We started tracing the drains and splitting up the services
  • We had the plans passed for the garage extension
  • We moved the drains for the house

Summer 2016

  • We prepared for the slab by layering sand, a damp proof membrane, insulation and reinforcing mesh
  • We poured the concrete for the slab

Autumn 2016

2016 really was an amazing year for us.It had already started on a high as we’d just discovered that we were expecting Ewan and it’s ending with us content in our new house, a weather tight extension and a happy healthy little boy.

That’s us signing off for the year. Hope you have a lovely 2017,

Amy, Lee, Ewan, Harvey and Rory.